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I was born in the city of Bombay as it was then called on the 6th day of June. My parents both Pathan were settled in the city.

The family hailed from Taran Taaran district before the partition and my grandfather migrated here in 1920s. My father was a businessman and his father was a land developer, my mother was a housewife and her father worked for the Portugal customs.

As I heard my mother tell me about my childhood ácts’I will repeat them to you. I was far from ordinary… born with a lower tooth, three greys and speaking my first word at the age of six months I was an attraction. Throughout the school life (studied in Silver Beach High School) I was an intovert who started with extra curricular activities only in college.

Being a Mohammed Rafi Saahab fan and growing up on his songs he left an impression on me at a very young age as he lived  and then became a legend who lives forever he was my inspiration and I aspire to be somewhere close to where he was and be amongst people even after I am gone.

I took to the stage with passion and acted, directed and wrote plays as an amateur. I got the chance to share stage with wonderful people from the industry where I learnt the ropes.

Till the age of 30 I followed my passion till it did not become a dream to be shared with the world… I started acting for television with Lipstick- the serial and there has been no looking back since… followed by taking up my childhood talent of the story teller… I continue this creative journey with you all as my co passengers…

“The woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep… Robert frost”

These lines have been my inspiration ever since I read them in my school… world definitely is a beautiful place to see and enjoy but I believe we all have come here to fulfill a task before we leave for a more beautiful after world… I have achieved a little and have to achieve a lot with god’s beautiful gift bestowed upon me… the journey continues…


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